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It’s Saturday, January 21.
Here’s what to read this weekend.

Five Great Weekends Reads

How One of America’s Richest
Families Keeps Becoming Richer

A disgruntled wealth manager exposes the Gettys’ dynastic secrets.

The New Yorker >

The Supreme Court Justices Aren’t Getting Along

Even the bench’s seating chart is creating tension.

The Atlantic >

A Holy Himalayan Town Is Sinking Into the Ground

Decades of warnings went unheeded. Now experts say this small village in India could disappear at any time.


“It Was Just Me and My Mom, Until It Wasn’t”

How a mother’s obsession with male validation affected her daughter.

The Cut >

The Culture War Over Kids’ Sleepovers

And what it reveals about American society today.

The Washington Post >
Cover Story

Inside Viola Davis and Julius
Tennon’s L.A. Home

The power couple’s sanctuary is big, bold, and blissful.

Architectural Digest >

One thing to watch: M3gan star Allison Williams has no problem being called a “nepo baby.”

New York Magazine >

One thing to watch: The podcast that helped police solve the 1996 murder of Kristin Smart.

Vanity Fair >

One thing to watch: The podcast that helped police solve the 1996 murder of Kristin Smart.

Cut >

One thing to watch: Get cozy with this caramel-apple snacking cake.

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